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Pioneering Africa's Circular Economy

Converting plastics into reusable value - from Africa to the world
Our Story

We're on a mission to recycle more than a 100,000 tonnes of plastics over the next 5 years into pyrolisis oil which can be used to produce new plastics

Our Vision

We envision a world in which we do not need to unlock new Green House Gases to produce new plastics. We can achieve this by building circular. We're starting in Nigeria, but will grow across Africa


We are the exclusive distributors for Wast-X, produced by Biofabrik a compact and efficienct recycling technology which converts 1000kg of plastics per day into 1000 Liters of Pyrolisis Oil to make new plastics

Who are we

How it works



BlueCycle turns ignored waste into value. We've partnered with Biofabrik as the exclusive Distributor of the Wast-X technology which converts ubiquitous but not easily recyclable plastics into pyrolisis oil. We're able to increase incomes for the most marginalized in Nigeria through our unique technology

Wast-X is a business model not just a machine

At BlueCycle, we've built our value chain to activate guranteed revenue and competitive returns for customers that purchase or invest in Wast-X machines. Make money, doing good!

How it works
BlueCycle Chairman

"BlueCycle is enabling owners to make money doing good"

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9a Joseph Adu Close, Oniru, Lagos

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